Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My favourite 'Aboriginal joke' :)

An Elder in a community goes out each year with some of the young men to collect and store firewood for the community, they usually grab a bit extra to sell, to buy provisions, like winter clothes for the the families and  extra blankets for the women and kids, and since this year had been an especially tough year for the community, they decided to get a bit extra wood to sell just in case.

While they are out cutting, a parks official comes up and asks him what they are doing. The old fella tells him... the official thinks about this and then asks how he knows how much to cut? The old fella laughs and tells him that they have been doing it long enough to know how much to cut. The official says that this simply will not do and that he will have to get an estimate from the Bureau of Meteorology to determine if it is indeed going to be a cold winter... He contacts the BofM and asks for the forecasts. He is told that initial reports indicate it will indeed be a cold winter, even colder than last year.

The official returns and informs the Elder that it is going to be colder than last year, and while he will keep them posted on further reports from the BofM, they should probably go and get a bit more wood to make sure. The Elder does not think this is really necessary, but is happy to take the opportunity to get a bit of extra work for a few of the local men and make sure everyone has a few extra dollars throughout the winter. So they go and stock up...

A few days later the official calls the BofM back to check on the forecasts... he is told that the latest data indicates that this winter will actually be much colder than they initially projected. The official races back to tell the Elder, and while initially being met with laughter and is told that the upcoming winter is not going to be that cold... the official persists, and insists he and the men go and stock up on more wood and simply says, "if I am wrong, you will have a bit extra to sell, and we could actually benefit from a few large trees being removed around this area, so you'll be doing everyone a favour"... The Elder agrees and they organise the jobs to be lined up...

This goes on a few more times... the official getting reports of a colder winter, the men going out to get more wood, back and forth back and forth... each new report worse than the last... eventually the official starts to panic and says "what on Earth are you expecting to happen this winter"?... the BofM replies and tells him that they are not really sure, but their data shows that the local Aboriginal people are gathering a lot more firewood than usual, which tells them that this winter is going to be as cold as hell...



  1. I laughed out loud, very funny.

  2. Excellently told, ya ?~! People are funny, I had an odd man tell me earnestly one afternoon on his 22 foot cruising family’s home. I nearly went overboard laughing; he was by far the strangest guy I had ever met.

    I like this story that you brought to the table today, thank you.

  3. love it. had a good chuckle. one for the public servants to identify with for sure.

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I've shared this around a bit, thank you. :))