Sunday, March 18, 2012


I am proud to announce the launch of a new Twitter account that aims to show the diversity, strength, and EXCELLENCE of Indigenous Australians: @IndigenousX.

The term IndigenousX stands for 'Indigenous Excellence' and was coined by Mickey Kovari (@MickeyKovari) from the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (@TheNCIE). Since it was created, the term has developed into a popular hashtag #IndigenousX that many people use to share stories of success and achievement in Indigenous Australia.

The idea behind the @IndigenousX account is to create a space where different Indigenous people can share their own stories in their own words. It will have one new Indigenous guest tweeter each week. People from different parts of the country, with different stories, different backgrounds, and different perspectives about the issues that effect them locally and nationally. Despite these differences, they will have two very important things in common, they will all be Indigenous, and they will all be people of Excellence!

I am very proud to say that Benson Saulo (@BensonSaulo) has been kind enough to offer his time to be the inaugural @IndigenousX. 

When I first met Benson (on Twitter) he was the Australian Youth Ambassador to the United Nations. He is currently the Director of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy. He also has a great blog which I strongly recommend: ... oh, and he is still under 25!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Benson in person for the first time a few days ago, at the National Centre For Indigenous Excellence Constitutional Recognition Forum (#NCIECRF). The forum was for young Indigenous people aged 16 - 25 to learn about Constitutional Recognition, and how to develop and implement their own campaigns. I was fortunate enough to be there as a presenter (I'm a few years out of that age bracket I'm afraid!). I was there for 3 of the 4 days, and was so impressed by such strong, passionate and enthusiastic young people from all over the country that I realised I finally had the perfect opportunity to make @IndigenousX a reality. I signed up as many people at the forum as I could, gave Benson the password, and @IndigenousX was off and running. 

I hope you all follow and support this awesome endeavour,

 A great tweet from @BensonSaulo as the inaugural @IndigenousX

 At the #NCIECRF with a few of the participants. (Thanks to @BlaykeTatafu for the photo!)

With #NCIECRF participant Tenisha Lawrence (@TenishaLawrence)

At Yaama Dhiyaan for my first day of #NCIECRF with fellow presenters Pat Turner, Pat Anderson & Tom Calma. 

With Pete Dawson (@PeteDawson), Co-Chair of the National Youth Advisory Council to the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. 

On the Campaign Media Planning Panel with Aden Rideway, Kirstie Parker & Aaron Ross.
This was where I announced I was swapping account names with @IndigenousX and @LukeLpearson so that @IndigenousXcould start with 4300 awesome followers all ready to go :-)
Thanks to Hannah Donnelly (@Hannah_Donnelly)  for the pic!

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  1. Hey there Luke - great concept, get in touch if you need help with the roster!

    And much kudos for passing on your amazing personal feats on twitter to the collective good. Hope to catch up soon.