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Hey peeps, sorry I've been off the blogosphere for a while, but I've been pretty busy lately. One of the things that has taken up a lot of my focus is @IndigenousDX & #IndigenousDX - no, there's no typo @IndigenousX/#IndigenousX fans. @IndigenousDX stands for 'Indigenous Digital Excellence' and is a new initiative of the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE - the mob who first coined #IndigenousX*) in partnership with the Telstra Foundation.

It's pretty huge too.

This is straight from the website and gives a good overview:

"The Indigenous Digital Excellence Agenda (IDEA) is a wide-reaching research, consultation and collaboration project that will inform a National Indigenous Digital Excellence Strategy co-developed by the NCIE and the Telstra Foundation. We’re engaging with thinkers from all corners of Australia to provide considered and focused ideas and solutions that draw on and contribute to:

*A discussion paper exploring Indigenous digital inclusion led by Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney from the University of Adelaide, commissioned by the Telstra Foundation.

*The face-to-face consultations with Indigenous leaders from the Torres Strait Islands to Tassie, led by Lauren Ganley, Telstra’s General Manager National Indigenous Directorate.

*The Online Collaboration (IDEAcollab) co-led by the NCIE and the Telstra Foundation and guided by Luke Pearson. Facilitated through the IDEA website, social media, and Trello Board (now until late June, 2013).

*The Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit, co-led by the NCIE and the Telstra Foundation (June 27 and 28, 2013 learn more).

The IDEA research, consultation and collaboration process will lead to an actionable National Strategy and a movement of people with a shared vision for Indigenous Digital Excellence and  how we can best move forward as a nation to ensure all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples thrive in the digital world.

For much more detail, download the Online Brief for Collaborators and start contributing your ideas!"
As you may have noticed in there, I'm mentioned, which is always nice :)

As stated I am guiding 'the online collaboration', which basically means I'm hoping to gets lots of yarns started with lots of people, and to encourage as many people as possible to engage in the ongoing IDEA conversation. I'll also be having lots of yarns with the @IndigenousDX crew about how it is all going, and how we can engage with as many different people as possible, especially IndigenousX mob obviously, but not exclusively! This is a process that anyone who is interested, or who has a solid idea, can join in on and those ideas could potentially help shape the future direction of the IDEA!!

This is why I am so keen to be involved, and why I really hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to join in the conversation. Plenty of us have seen consultation processes that already have the master plan drawn up, and are just ticking the boxes along the way via 'consultation'. I am very excited to say (although not surprised, this is an NCIE joint after all!) that is not one of those. You wouldn't say we are starting with a 'blank slate' as there are already so many amazing things happening in terms of Indigenous Digital Excellence (and hopefully you'll agree that @IndigenousX is amongst them!), but there is nothing locked in stone. Whoever joins in has the opportunity to have a real influence over what happens next, and 'whatever happens next' is going to have a huge impact on all of us, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you get your voice heard!

At the moment the future of Indigenous Digital Excellence is waiting at our feet.

All we need to do now is pick up the ball and run with it.

As most of you will already know from my work with @IndigenousX, I'm not looking to just engage with people who say what I want to hear. And I only have an interest in being involved in a process that is engaging, open and valuable, and I believe this is.

I want people to share whatever they think/feel/believe. There are some amazing things happening out there, and there are some amazing things that NEED to happen. This is a convo that recognises, and welcomes all of this. Just as IndigenousX is there to celebrate Indigenous Excellence, we don't hesitate discussing what needs to happen to bring out excellence, and speaking up when we feel things are not moving in the right direction for this to happen. We often do so in no uncertain terms, and I see this process as no different. I want people with passion, with experience and insight, who know the positives and negatives, and who want to engage in a process of finding meaningful solutions and positives outcomes in the path that lay ahead.

I want to help make this an open, engaging and challenging process for all who participate.( I should also point out that if you're like me, and you've already pondered IP issues by now, definitely check out this, because it is ALWAYS important to read The Legal Stuff.) We want those ideas of things that you'd love to see happening with #IndigenousDX and that you're happy for someone like the NCIE to potentially run with. I've got heaps of them, not just on #IndigenousDX though - I've been trying to get someone to run with my idea of an Indigenous education version of the Life Be In It/Healthy Harold vans for years, and if you can make that sucker work, go for it! I happily place that concept into the public domain. I'm not gonna do it within the next 10 years and I think it would be an awesome way to reinvigorate Aboriginal education in schools, and to ensure appropriate cultural knowledge was made available to students AND teachers... but I digress. Wait, actually, no I don't, let's tie in some whizz bang digital tech heads and I'm sure we can make this an #IndigenousDX idea too - let me know what you reckon, boffins!

Anyhow, there are three key goals for this process:

·  Connect  deeply and broadly with people with an interest in the Indigenous Sector and in the Digital Sector to start a conversation, begin shaping ideas, and decide how to best deliver effective solutions.

·  Learn more about the opportunities and challenges around Indigenous engagement with digital technologies and build genuine momentum to deliver outcomes that improve wellbeing.

· Co-create a National Indigenous Digital Excellence Strategy by the end of 2013 and lead its implementation in 2014.

One of the key things that jumped out at me with that was 'outcomes that improve wellbeing'. There has been some really exciting things in terms of Indigenous 'wellbeing' models and frameworks (eg this!), and I think looking at how digital spaces can contribute to Excellence, "strengths, empowerment, resilience and achievements" is not only essential, it is very exciting!

Anyway, that's probably enough blog ranting for one day... I'll go back to Twitter ranting instead :)

See you there!

(And remember, follow @IndigenousDX (& @IndigenousX of course too, in case you somehow follow my blog, but not @IndigenousX, which just seems implausible to me quite frankly!) and join in the conversation happening on the #IndigenousDX hashtag!)

* Some people have been a bit confused by the IndigenousX/IndigenousDX similarity (if you don't understand twitter symbology then this will make no sense whatsoever, but then, if you don't know twitter symbology, you probably won't care either), so to explain the difference, it is important to look at the history.

IndigenousX began its life as the hashtag #IndigenousX, which was coined by the NCIE with the idea that it would let us connect & celebrate stories of Indigenous excellence. Sometime later I created the account @IndigenousX, and got the blessing of NCIE to begin the #rotationcuration account IndigenousX that we all know and love :-)

@IndigenousX & @IndigenousDX share obvious etymological roots, but they are separate entities. We obviously have quite a lot of overlap not just in terminology, but also in the philosophy of what we stand for.

Even though we are separate we are more than happy to support each others work and to collaborate on appropriate projects, such as this :)

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