Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tony Abbott's Bolt Obsession

There has been endless debate on the issue of removing 18C, purely because Bolt found himself on the wrong side of the legislation.

Not, as many argue, because he dared discuss issues of the Stolen Generations (he still writes prolifically, and very poorly, on this issue), and not because he dared explore the issue of laws pertaining to Aboriginality. These issues are both wide open for exploration, debate and criticism.

He ran foul of the law because he racially vilified a group of individuals, using a number of false assertions and accusations.

You can discuss whatever you want about Aboriginality, and many, many people do. You just can't use untruths to maliciously racially vilify people in the process. Other people have argued that much better than I am able with my insufficient legal expertise, so I will leave it there and focus on something that amongst the endless debate, has yet to be explored.

Why exactly is it that the self proclaimed 'PM for Aboriginal Affairs' is so eager to ensure that Andrew Bolt, a Stolen Generations denying, court established racist and inept journalist, keep writing?!  

So much so that he is striving to have the law changed to exonerate him, and allegedly went to Bolt's house after he lost the case to plead with him to keep writing.

There are plenty of journalists who get into strife for printing inaccuracies, or who have to apologise or remove articles because they border on defamation or other forms of offense. None of whom to my knowledge have had Tony Abbott rock up at their house to beg them to continue on their crusade.

Many people, myself included, feel that Bolt blames Aboriginal culture itself for the high number of Aboriginal children being removed, denies that the Stolen Generations ever existed, and believes fair skinned Aboriginal people to be frauds and charlatans. What is it about that, that a self declared PM for Aboriginal Affairs is so desperate to see continue? And why is this issue of absolutely zero interest to anyone on any side of the debate?

This issue is way beyond the generic points about the importance of Free Speech. It is a specific desire to move mountains to ensure that Andrew Bolt can continue to write this rubbish.

Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that governments have more than once had to suspend the same Racial Discrimination Act to pass racist legislation?

Or could it have anything to do with the fact that several Liberal ministers boycotted the Apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008?

Could it be simply be because Tony Abbott agrees with Bolt, and has similar problems with Aboriginal people, culture, and the history of the Stolen Generations?

Whatever the reasons may be, I think some more media attention is seriously warranted.

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  1. An interesting piece Luke. It seems that the current PM is committed to certain "ideologies" that are articles of faith in his political catechism and that legislating them into being is a sort of religious experience for him.

    It seems to me that he should listen to the words of his saviour Jesus, "Suffer the little children..." Any litmus test of legislation in this area should consider how the effects of legislated bigotry on growth and development of healthy minds in our nation's children. I suspect that the current proposals on the RDA would spectacularly fail.
    Certainly it has:
    1. provoked a lot of opposition in the community and even within his own ranks &
    2. perhaps I'm a bit cynical here, distracted the nation from the deeper horrors of a nasty upcoming first term budget, the sliding collapse of the manufacturing sector and associated unemployment, our treatment of asylum seekers so roundly condemned by Amnesty International, the galloping development of pristine forests and waterways by timber and mining industries, the growing disparity in wealth distribution in Australia, frightening levels of youth unemployment, a gap in socioeconomic outcomes that is not really closing, a growing level of imprisonment that is far outstripping capacity to house inmates in safe and reasonable conditions, a half arsed commitment to Gonski reforms which they will seek to unwind at the next opportunity....

    Geoff Eagar